Monochrome Monday: Warp Speed


Happy Monday!

My Monday is happy for two reasons.

Reason #1: Today is a holiday and I have one extra day to relax before a busy week at work. Yes!!

Reason#2: I finally was able to get out with my camera . Posting pictures last year was hit and miss due to so many factors. The big move from Germany, my Mom passed away, and not knowing the area well enough to find great places to take pictures.

With 2016 behind me, I’m determined more than ever to get out with my camera. One unfortunate thing about the move last year, was that I was unable to pack up my photography buddy and bring her with me (miss you C!). I know without a doubt that if she were here, we would’ve had a great time getting out to explore the city together.

This year, I’ve joined a few local photography groups. The groups meet up at different locations and events throughout each month. I think this will be the motivation I need to get out and become acquainted with the city.

How did you do with taking pictures last year?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax


Happy Monday!

There’s nothing like soothing music and a merry heart to put your soul at ease!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic (In Nature)


Here’s my entry for this week’s photo challenge. I love everyday magic that we can find in our own backyards! 🙂

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100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #40

Stranger #40 Lea by TGWC

Today I’m introducing the 40th stranger in my 100 Beautiful Strangers Project. Only 10 more strangers until I reach the halfway point which I’m so excited about!

I met Lea on my final walk-through at the medieval festival I’ve talked about in my last three Strangers post. What I love most about this festival is that you get a chance to purchase the goods from the time period. Lea is a merchant who sells hand made baskets which you see captured behind her.

Lea stood out for me because of her warm smile and beautiful piercings. I almost decided against asking her to be apart of the project because we were taking our leave from the event. I’m so glad that I changed my mind. One thing I’m learning in the project is not to miss the opportunity to approach a stranger who has captured your attention…it may not come around again. The invitation could very well end in “no”, but I’ve gotten far more yeses on this journey so far.

Lea was happy to join the project! As I was taking her photo, she told me that she has been a merchant at the festival for years and enjoys selling baskets for the themed event.

I’m so pleased that I could capture your beautiful smile and spirit in front of the camera. Thank you for being stranger #40 Lea!

100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #39

Stranger #39 Alex by TGWC

I met Alex as I continued my walk around the medieval festival. I loved his costume because it reminded me so much of Frodo’s from the Lord of the Rings.

Alex seemed to be a person that shies away from the spotlight and I think he was a little nervous in front of the camera.

However, after taking a few shots, I could see him slowly relax. In the end, I think he enjoyed the process and I’m so happy that he did.

Thank you for taking a chance on the project Alex and also for being Stranger #39!