Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines To Patterns


Lines to Patterns 078 Lines to Patterns 027


Tübingen Photo Workshop 552 Lines to Patterns 063


Lines to Patterns 047 Lines to Patterns 063


Tübingen Photo Workshop 403 Lines to Patterns 086

The Mission:“Today’s challenge is inspired by Evan Zelermyer’s stunning, abstract, and architectural images from his”Shape, Line, Texture, Pattern” post published earlier this week.I’d love to see your interpretations of these elements, so grab your camera, get outside, and snap a great shot of shapes or lines that you stumble upon, or a cool texture that catches your eye.

This week I’m sort of doing two challenges in one. The first being the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, but the second challenge was inspired by a brief video I watched, “Become A Better Photographer: Get Closer” hosted by Mark Wallace. Mark encouraged photographers to find bland, uninspiring areas in which to shoot and than look closer to find hidden photo treasures.

This was a really great exercise because I’m often plagued with the “I fail to see anything to shoot”syndrome. I didn’t have to go far for this challenge, I simply walked around my neighborhood. Keeping Mark’s suggestions in mind, I was surprised by all the available photo opportunities.

*With the exception of two photos, all shots were taken on September 23, 2013

All photographs and written content © 2013-2014 The Girl Who Clicked, unless otherwise indicated. | All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines To Patterns

  1. Instead of participating in the WP challenges, I’ve started looking out for what they are and looking forward to what you’re going to make of them 🙂 Great shots, looks like you’ve gotten a lot out of the “get closer video”!

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