The 365 Project: My October Captured

Imagine my delight when I happened upon a new challenge, “Capture Your 365 Project” to keep me clicking and to improve my photography skills!!

I think everyone who takes the plunge for this challenge approaches it in a unique way. Initially, I tried to follow the list precisely each day in the order listed. It proved to be quite difficult for me because it conflicted with my schedule some days and on other days I needed more time to create an idea and so on. I begin to feel that I wasn’t living up to the spirit of the challenge.

Then I read these reassuring words on the website, “There is no wrong way to use the prompts! If you need to skip a prompt…then skip it! It’s your project. Make it your own!”

I took this advice to heart and decided to do as many prompts as I could and not worry about the ones I was unable to do.

Here is how I captured my 365 for October. {Click on pics to open gallery}

There are still a few days left in the month, so if I get more photos, I’ll be sure to share!

All photographs and written content © 2013-2014 The Girl Who Clicked, unless otherwise indicated | All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “The 365 Project: My October Captured

  1. I love what you made of this challenge, how you translated each topic into a picture. Great ideas, too! And I like that the challenge says if you need to skip, then skip. That makes me feel challenged to participate, too :-D.

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