If Cities Could Speak


Have you ever thought about how cities are layered in history?

If cities could speak, what would they say about their pasts.

I recently had the chance to visit a few historical sites in Stuttgart, Germany. This gem of a city dates all the way back to around 950 AD.

The Old Castle (Alten Schloss)

One of the oldest structures in the city, properly named the Old Castle, dates back to the 10th century and was once the home to the Counts of Württemberg. In its glory days, it was regarded as the most beautiful castle in all of Germany.

Layered In History - 03Layered In History - 02

The New Castle (Neues Schloss)

The structure known as the New Castle, is a Baroque structure constructed between the years 1746 and 1807. It was the last large city palace built in Southern Germany. Today the building serves as the Headquarters for the Ministry of Finance.

Layered In History - 07

City Hall (Rathaus)

Layered In History - 01

Stuttgart’s City Hall was completed in 1905. One of my favorite features of this municipal building is the beautiful entrance doors which are engraved with the emblems of each of the city districts. It also has a pretty cool Paternoster elevator which is a lot of fun to ride!

Layered In History - 08Layered In History - 06

The Market Hall (Markthalle)

Stuttgart’s Market Hall dates back to 1914. This lively food market has the best meats, cheeses and sweets in the city!

Layered In History - 05Layered In History - 04

Many of these buildings suffered the wrath of World War II. However, the restoration efforts proved successful for Stuttgart and is a testament to the city’s resiliency.

If this city could speak, I think it would say, “Sit down and stay awhile, it’s going to be a long story…”

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