Monochrome Monday: Rocking Around The World

Capture 365 Project – December


I’m excited to take part in the Capture 365 Challenge for December! My goal is to tackle each prompt throughout the month with the hopes of sharing one or two of the photos here each week.

The first prompt for this month’s challenge is collection. Let me start by saying that I LOVE TO TRAVEL!! My husband and I have been extremely blessed to visit some really great places. Our favorite travel ritual (everyone has them right?) is to feast at a Hard Rock Cafe and to collect a souvenir glass.

We’ve acquired a lot over the years and what’s interesting is that each glass holds a special memory for us. For example, our romantic trip to Paris, celebrating my husband’s birthday in Rome and the visit to San Juan during our honeymoon.

Hard Rock Collection

I’m looking forward to hitting our next Hard Rock, not only for the souvenir glass, but for the awesome memories to come!

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