Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

A Toast


I can’t believe that a brand new year is here. 2013 seemed to have gone by rather quickly!

The beginning of the year is always a motivator for me. I’m able to reflect on the past year (the lows and highs) and also think about new possibilities. I’m truly looking forward to the wonderful things waiting to unfold this year and ready to find positive aspects in each challenge (for without challenges there is no growth).

One photography goal for this year is to take the leap and begin to shoot in RAW. I’m not sure why this is so scary for me (maybe because there is a little more work with processing the image), but I’m ready to face the challenge head on.

Speaking of new beginnings, January marks a new month to participate in the Capture Your 365 Photo Challenge. This has been such a wonderful experience for me because it compels me to pick up my camera, get creative and to expand my knowledge as a growing photographer.  If my schedule allows, I hope to tackle each topic for this month. Below are pictures from the first week of the challenge.

{Click On Any Pic To Open Gallery}

Cherish this new year as a gift. Pursue your goals and dreams with gusto!

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