Capture 365 Project {January}: Week 4

Wow! Can you believe that we are already at the end of January?

Keeping my photography goals in mind, I’m really  enjoying the fact that I’m learning how to wield my camera a bit more. I’m holding to the old adage, “The more you know, the more you grow”.

Speaking of learning, I was able to participate in a great photo workshop via internet through Creative Live for free. The workshop, “Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2014” was taught by master trainer John Greengo. John is such an AWESOME instructor! He is really skilled at breaking down information so that regardless of your photography level, you have a greater understanding of photography concepts. Workshops are only free when broadcasted live (and a short time after through rebroadcasts). I look forward to participating in other photo workshops in the near future.

In other news, I’m so happy that I’ve been sticking with the Capture 365 Project for January thus far. I’ve really seen the benefits of participating in this challenge. I pick up my camera way more often and it forces me to see creatively. Also, I get to strengthen the weak areas of my photography, which will hopefully lead to better shots.

Here are my photos for the week. Oh by the way, while prepping  a shot for a past 365 prompt , “Collection”,  our Vegas Hard Rock glass broke. You can imagine that I was upset with myself. However, my husband and I made the decision that the only way to reconcile this loss is another trip to Vegas. Viva Las Vegas!


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