Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument|Monochrome Monday

Kloster Maulbronn - 1

In addition to traveling and photography, I really enjoy learning about history. This weekend was a special treat because I got a chance to visit a beautiful, historic monastery in Maulbronn, Germany with a friend. The site is known as Kloster Maulbronn.

The monastery dates back to 1147 and according to the website, combines a multitude of architectural styles (from Romanesque to late Gothic) which creates an interesting atmosphere. In 1993, the monastery was declared a USESCO World Heritage site and receives visitors from around the world.

Kloster Maulbronn - 2As I walked the grand walkways, I tried to imagine what daily life was like for the monks who called this place home hundreds of years ago.

Kloster Maulbronn - 4There was a very impressive hall were the monks took their meals. The long windows and arched ceilings were quite magnificent.

Kloster Maulbronn - 3There was also a beautiful fountain that could be enjoyed from an exterior walkway and the courtyard.

Kloster Maulbronn - 5My favorite feature of the monastery was the exquisitely carved choir stalls in the main sanctuary were the monks stood or sat during the religious services held.

It was a really great weekend for both history and photography!

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument|Monochrome Monday

  1. Looks a great place to visit and a photographer’s paradise. Your black and white shots are very striking. I like them a lot, especially the last two images.

    A great entry for this week’s photo challenge. Thanks for posting.

  2. how so very kewl πŸ™‚ closest ill prolly ever get to visiting this place is in these pics of urs, so very wunderful will gaze at em more befor ei go browse more , very kewl shots πŸ™‚ what a bless trip, an werdpress is jest too kewl 4 skewl i get to travel the werld in the greatest photo blogs like urs , thanks for wunderful shots πŸ™‚ across the world frum Q in colorado πŸ™‚

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