Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

Library 2

The Central Library in Stuttgart is one the most impressive rooms in the city! The newly constructed library opened in 2011 and was designed by Korean architect Eun Young Yi. The outside of the library is very misleading because it has the dull façade of a huge rubrics cube.

However, I discovered that the library had a very modern feel to it and that the true heart of the library began on the 5th floor.

As you enter the center of the library, you’ll be amazed by the depth of the interior when looking up and how the room creates a perfect square with multiple floors. My favorite feature is that the nine by nine by nine design of the levels creates a spiral-like dimension.

If you are a book (or even an architect) fanatic, don’t miss an opportunity to take a peek inside if you happen upon the city.

Take a look at other rooms that will impress you in this week’s photo challenge.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

  1. That is an awesome building! If you ever make it to Seattle, you should check out their city library downtown. It is an awesome place to take pictures as well. I will be there over Christmas and I really want to take some time to take a few shots there.

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