A Pagentry of Beauty: A Feast For The Eyes!

Venetian Festival10

I recently attended the 2014 Venetian Festival! I’ve wanted to attend this event for the last few years, but never had the opportunity. On top of that, the event only comes to town once every two years.

When I arrived, I guess you could say that I was “geeking-out” as a photographer because there was so much activity and so much to see. I couldn’t decide where to point my camera first.

As I looked around, I saw beautiful and extravagant costumes. Each costume was more beautiful than the next.

Each costume also took own a unique personality of its own such as playful, jolly, flamboyant, elegant, etc.

The best part was that the characters loved playing it up for the camera by modeling and posing. They made it easy to capture the shots.

Venetian Festival13The festival only lasted the weekend and ended way to soon. I’m already looking forward to the 2016 Venetian Festival!




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