Nifty Fifty Friday: Signs of Fall

Signs of Fall

I have a confession to make. The confession is so shameful that I hope you won’t judge me for it. Here it goes…I’ve been neglecting a crucial member of my camera bag and that’s my 50mm lens. I know, I know.

I carry my camera almost everywhere I go. I rely heavily on my 18-200mm zoom lens because I can easily adapt to a variety of photo opportunities. I’ve neglected my 50mm lens for maybe 6 months or more. This fact was made known to me when I read a fellow blogger’s post that raved about their 50. The 50 is known for it’s tack sharp pictures and the blogger’s photos looked awesome.

Around that same time, I did some research on the best lenses to have in my arsenal and what was on the list…you guessed it, the 50mm lens.

So, I’m making a commitment to fall in love again with my 50.  From here on out, I proudly designate Fridays as Nifty Fifty Fridays!

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