Chloe and the Chocolate Factory

Ritter SportToday I went to one of my favorite places to visit in Germany, the Ritter Sport Chocolate Factory!

Ritter Sport is a well known brand of German chocolate that dates back to the early 1900’s. Traditionally, the package is a 100 gram square that is filled with pure chocolate goodness!

Chocolate SquaredChocolate BoxedAccording to the history I read about the company, Clare Ritter thought that the 100 gram square was the perfect size to fit into every jacket without breaking and also remain the same amount as the traditional long chocolate bars.

Big ChocolateOn some days when you visit the factory, you can smell the freshness of chocolate in the air.

Onsite, there is a chocolate museum and a cafe. However, my husband and I normally head straight for the good stuff in the chocolate shop.

SchokoshopChocolate MinisThe nice thing about Ritter Sport is the variety. In the shop, you will find every flavor imaginable.

Popular flavors include Alpenmilch (made with a high portion of a special Alpine milk), Erdbeer Joghurt (milk chocolate mixed with strawberries and yogurt), and Knusperflakes (a winning combination of chocolate and cornflakes!)

Triple ChocolateMy personal favorite…Pfefferminz (chocolate and peppermint)!

Mint Chocolate

Chocolate LootSadly, our visit ended too soon, but I know that we’ll return later in the year to buy chocolate for our families during the holiday season.







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