A New Project: 100 Beautiful Strangers

Stranger #1 Deck by TGWC

One of my goals this year is to learn more about portrait photography. Some time ago, I heard about an interesting project where photographers take pictures of random strangers (with permission) on the street.

I found this to be a very clever concept. However, I also realized that convincing  a total stranger to take their picture  could be a daunting task. I filed this idea under “later” and thought about it off and on without any real gusto to get the project started.

I’ve given real thought about the benefits of starting this project and I’ve finally gotten up the courage to give it a shot!

What I hope to get out of the project:

1) To grow in a different genre of photography!

2) Even if I have no clue about what I’m doing, it will encourage me to learn more about taking portraits.

3) It will help me get out of my comfort zone (I’m definitely a ” in the background” kind of girl.)

4) It will be an opportunity to meet amazing people and hopefully learn their stories.

I’ve decided to call my project “100 Beautiful Strangers”. I believe that there is beauty in the human spirit and that each person is beautiful and unique! I hope to capture that beauty in my photos. My goal is not racing to get 100 photos…the ultimate goal is to learn by doing.


Meet my first stranger, Deck! My encounter with Deck actually encouraged me to jump into the project. While I was out shooting pictures, he asked me if I could take his photo and I said “yes” without hesitation. I guess that you can say that I was given some slack with Stranger #1. There was no fear of rejection and I met someone who was excited about a total stranger taking their photo! 🙂

A big thanks to Deck for fueling my energy to begin the project!

15 thoughts on “A New Project: 100 Beautiful Strangers

  1. What made me curious about this blog is that whoever owns this has a talent in taking pictures…and what made me MORE curious with this blog is that it has a project called the 100 Strangers. Then I started reading and thought who was the first one to be featured. So I searched, I scrolled down and found it. And my expectations where met. Deck, who apparently became the reason how this project started. Now I want to start a project like this.

  2. What a wonderful project and I absolutely get your fear of approaching people to take picture. You always feel that you are intruding their private sphere. How do you feel after having done it for nearly half a year? Does it feel easier? Keep going, This is so inspiring! Living in Southern California, I feel it would be interesting to try this as well because all those different cultures and backgrounds.

    1. Thanks Nathalie! It’s gotten a little easier, but I still get the jitter bugs. Even with jitter bugs, I really want to complete this project, so it’s a motivation to push through the nervousness.

      I really appreciate the positive feedback! I also want to challenge you to take at least one photo of a stranger this year. I hope that you take on the challenge because I think you would do an awesome job! ;0)

      1. Thanks for your feedback Chloe. It is definitely an interesting challenge I might consider doing. I’ll let you know once I’ll start it. Maybe I could start early 2016 as a year project. I am quite busy with the Arcanum apprenticeship at this time besides my day job… One thing at a time, but the time will come.

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