100 Beautiful Strangers: Stranger #3

Stranger #3 Emily (2) By TGWCSay hello to Stranger #3!

Someone suggested going to local events  for more opportunities to meet strangers. Hmmmm…I never thought I would say that 🙂 .

I chose our Spring Festival and it turned out to be great advice.

As I searched the crowd for friendly faces to be apart of the project, my attention was drawn to Miss Emily. She had a fashion flare that was hard to miss and I crossed my fingers that she would want to participate.

After I explained the project, she was very happy to be Stranger #3.

Thank you for participating Miss Emily!

2 thoughts on “100 Beautiful Strangers: Stranger #3

  1. Great idea. I did something similar – isolated incident – when husband and I were spending a lovely Sunday morning at Starbucks. I had my camera with me (always!!) and saw a dapper young man who I thought might be a good subject for one of Cee’s photo challenges. He gladly posed for me and although I never used his photo, it was a fun experiment!

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