100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #13

Stranger #13 - Andy by TGWC

Say Hello to Andy, Stranger #13!

I’m so happy that Andy said “yes” to being a participant in the project.

During the course of our interaction, I learned that he is a puppeteer.

When in character, Andy is known as the Viking Ragnar Gwynwulfson and he is accompanied by his puppet friend Plumpaquatsch, the little Aquarius from the North Sea. When these two get together, you can expect a good laugh and a good time.

Andy performs at medieval events, such as the Esslingen Christmas Market, and he also visit schools to teach students about life in the Middle Ages.

The Esslingen Christmas Market is definitely one of my favorite events to attend during the Christmas season. This year, I’ll be searching for this dynamic duo to catch a performance!

Thank you for taking part in the project Andy and please say “hi” to the little Aquarius from the North Sea!

8 thoughts on “100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #13

  1. What a great character to photograph. Love Andy’s hat 🙂 Super portrait Chloe. I’d love to catch a performance at the Christmas Market too – all things are possible thanks to EasyJet!!

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