100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #16

Stranger #16 - VJ by TGWC

Stranger #16 is Miss VJ!

My husband and I went out for a nice evening and headed to the cinema. With the project in mind, I decided to take my camera with me because you never know right?

We were headed into the theater when I saw Miss VJ ahead of us in line. Her stylish hat and lovely earrings drew my attention.

Taking a huge breath, I approached her with my pitch and luckily she said yes.

She told me that in most circumstances, she wouldn’t participate in this type of project. However, in this case, she was happy to help someone learning photography. For me, this was the perfect example of “you never know until you try”.

Thank you for being Stranger #16 and sharing your fabulous style for the camera. Most of all, thank you for taking a chance on a newbie who is learning portrait photography!! 🙂


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