100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #20

Stranger #20 - Sascha by TGWCSascha is Stranger #20 in the 100 Beautiful Strangers Project!

After meeting Stranger #19, Ivan, I searched for others who may be interested in participating in the project. As I was strolling along, I observed a small group of three who were marketing a song by an up and coming band. I waited for the right moment to approach the group about 100 Beautiful Strangers. When the time came, I introduced myself and gave an overview about the project. After the overview, I asked if anyone was interested in participating. You can imagine my delight when all three agreed to be in the project!!  You’ll meet the rest of the trio in the next two posts.

Sascha was the first to be photographed. He was the videographer for the group and was great at capturing the public’s reaction to the music.

Sascha was very laid back and I liked how causal he comes across in the photo.

A big thanks to Sascha for being Stranger #20. I hope that you got some great footage in response to your own project!


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