100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #22

Stranger #22 - Anke By TGWC (2)Anke is Stranger #22 in the project!

Anke was the last to be photographed in the trio mentioned in the prior two posts.

Her enthusiasm for marketing the band’s music is what initially drew my attention to the group. With her bright smile and positive energy, she was great at engaging street-goers and getting their feedback about the music.

In front of the camera, Anke’s strawberry blond hair really stood out. Her hair also framed her face beautifully and I love the results in the photo.

I really liked photographing this group of friends.

I think that their marketing approach for the music group is very clever. Not only does it give the band exposure, but Julian as a band member was able to receive direct feedback about what the public thought of the music.

Thank you for taking the time to pose for the camera Anke!

Best wishes to the three of you in your future endeavors! 🙂



5 thoughts on “100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #22

  1. Oh my, she’s so lovely. This is such a great portrait shot Chloe, you’ve really captured Anke beautifully, what a really open and friendly young lady she looks – super shot 😀

    1. Thank you so much A.I.!

      I can understand your point of view. Getting a “no” can be such a disappointment. I hope that you can still give it a try.

      Getting the “yes” makes the project worth it and it’s the fuel I need to reach the finish line of the project.

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