The Girl Who Clicked Turned Two Years Old!

Wow! I can’t believe that only two short years ago, I took a leap of faith to start “The Girl Who Clicked”!

Through the blog, I’ve been able to document my growth as I  explore my passion for photography. Along way, I have learned so much from the talented photographers in the community.

One of my proudest accomplishments this year is beginning the “100 Beautiful Strangers Project” to learn more about portrait photography. It has been such a great way to stretch my photography muscles and to meet new people along the way. Be sure to stay tuned to meet more new strangers in the very near future!

Most of all, I’m so thankful to you for your support and encouragement. It’s great to be a member of a close-knit blogging community that cares.

I invite you to continue with me on my journey and remember that your feedback is always welcome!

I’ve included some of my favorite photos from this year (and by the likes, I think some may be your favorites too!).


14 thoughts on “The Girl Who Clicked Turned Two Years Old!

  1. Happy blogoversary! Isn’t it amazing how time flies and suddenly you realise you’ve been doing this for years…
    BTW – I love the “beauty in nature1” pic, it’s depicts autumn perfectly and beautifully!

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