100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #27

Stranger #27- Hippy by TGWC

Hippy is Stranger #27 in the 100 Beautiful Strangers Project!

I was out on a Saturday not thinking to much about the project, but had my camera ready to take out just in case. Although I’ve done the project for a few months now, it still takes a certain amount of nerves to approach strangers about it. There have been a few times when I’ve seen great strangers for the project, but just lost my nerve to ask.

However, there are other times (nerves or not) when I just can’t let the opportunity pass me by.

When I’m searching for a potential candidate for the project, I look for someone who stands out from the crowd.

I can definitely say that Hippy is one such person! With bold red tendrils, I had to show him “hair love”! Hippy had a fun personality and an easy smile that came with it. Also, I absolutely loved how his red hair was a beautiful compliment to his blue eyes.

In addition to his great features, Hippy’s happiness and laughter was contiguous! I walked away with an extra pep in my step. 😉

Thank you so much for being apart of the project Hippy. Stay Happy!

The fun doesn’t end here! Hippy had two friends who were also fun and unique. Stay tuned to meet them in the upcoming “Beautiful Strangers” posts.

Happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #27

  1. I don’t know much about photography but i do know that this is a beautiful photo. I love all the color contrasts, the fact that you managed to capture his smiling eyes and how the hair sort of looks wind-blown. Good job.

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