100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #29

Stranger #29 - Josie by TGWC

In the last two Beautiful Strangers posts, I introduced you to Hippy and Dici who were strangers 27 and 28 for the project.

There is one person left to introduce in the trio…I would like you to meet Josie!

Josie was a little reluctant to join in on the fun, but Hippy and Dici gave her the extra confidence to step in front of the lens.

I saw that Josie was shy, so I asked Hippy and Dici to do something behind me that would make her laugh.

I’m not sure what was happening behind me, but I could see her relax and it resulted in a beautiful smile.

Thank you for taking a chance and stepping in front of the camera. I’m delighted that you are the 29th stranger in the project!


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