The Double Exposure Effect

Double Exposure Effect by TGWC Chloe

I met up with a friend this past weekend for a photo outing and I was really excited about getting my creative juices going behind the camera.Β  Just as I was taking out my equipment, I realized that something was missing. That something was my battery and it was nicely charging at home.

Have no fear….my iPhone came to the rescue (by the way, I’m really falling in love with iPhoneography)!

Along the way, my friend and I saw a beautiful painting of a city scape (maybe it was New York, Chicago, or another major city). As I continued to look at the painting through the window, I noticed the grand reflection of the buildings behind us. I was amazed at how seamlessly the artwork and the reflection aligned together giving the illusion of a double exposed photo.

I don’t have much technical experience with double exposing photos…but maybe it’s something that I’ll put on my photography bucket list!

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “The Double Exposure Effect

  1. I’m just realizing now that your friend is Kiki who I also nominated for the award, right? πŸ˜€ If not than you both took a picture at the same place ahah

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