100 Beautiful Strangers: Stranger #33

Stranger #33 Sarah by TGWC

Having explored photography for the last few years, I’ve learned that your best camera equipment is your own eyes. The way you see the world is totally different than your spouse or even your friends.

I have a friend who is also a photographer and we often meet up for photo outings. I’m always amazed when we photograph the same subject and walk away with two completely different photos. In photography, perspective or “seeing” is everything.

This also rings true with the 100 Beautiful Strangers Project. Seeing doesn’t always mean looking at a person’s physical traits. Sometimes it’s about getting a sense of a Stranger’s personality and temperament.

I met Stranger #33, Sarah, when I went to my favorite Starbucks. Starbucks can get pretty crowded and hectic during a rush. Long lines, tons of conversations going on at once, baristas yelling out drink orders, and sometimes waiting in a limited space with thirty other coffee lovers (a little chaotic).

When I spotted Sarah, she stood out in the Starbucks hurricane because she had such a peaceful demeanor in spite of the madness all around.

During our interaction, she was so laid back and mellow. She was also sweet enough to let me try out a ton of different shots to get the perfect one! This shot was my favorite.

Thank you for being apart of the project Sarah! It’s a pleasure to have you as Stranger #33! 🙂



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