100 Beautiful Strangers: Stranger #34

Stranger #34 Marcus by TGWC

It’s a new year and I’m excited to continue the 100 Beautiful Strangers Project! My goal was to reach 100 Strangers by the end of 2015, but unfortunately I missed the deadline. 😦

Not to worry…I’m energized and ready to meet more wonderful strangers as I press forward to reach the halfway mark in the project!

As I reflect on starting the project last year, I’m amazed at having come so far.  Not only with the number of strangers, but also making the thought about the project a reality. It’s been great to see the project in action.

With that being said, I would like you to meet Marcus! Marcus is Stranger #34 in the 100 Beautiful Strangers Project!

Every Saturday, there’s a huge City Market with fresh produce from local farmers. I don’t make it to the market that often, so it’s a real treat when I go.

I enjoy strolling through the aisles and visiting a variety of stands. I also enjoy seeing the interaction between the vendors and buyers which is the true heart of the market!

On this day, I brought my camera along knowing that the market would be a great opportunity to meet strangers for the project.

Just as I was walking to another vendor stand, I saw Marcus and knew immediately that he would be the perfect stranger for the project.

Marcus moved quickly through the crowd and when he stopped at a stand, I thought it would be a great opportunity to tell him about the project.

I’m thankful he said yes, as I later learned that he was racing against the clock to visit a few shops before they closed for the weekend.

A BIG thank you Marcus! I’m appreciative of your kindness and taking time out of your busy schedule to be Stranger #34! It was a pleasure to photograph you.

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