100 Beautiful Strangers: Stranger #37

Stranger #37 Thor by TGWC

It’s been a while since I’ve posted for my 100 Beautiful Strangers project. With the chaos of moving to the US and settling into our new life here, some of my photo projects have fallen behind. The dust seems to be clearing now and I’m excited to introduce you to the next few strangers in the project.

My husband and I attended a wonderful medieval festival right before we left Germany. It was one of my favorite events while we were there! The half-timbered food and craft stalls created a unique and wonderful backdrop for the affair. You could truly imagine what life in the middle ages were like.

As we were walking along, I met Thor, who is the next stranger in the project.

Thor attended the event with a group of friends (a few you will meet in the next posts) who wore awesome medieval costumes for the special occasion.

When I told the group about the project, Thor quickly agreed to have his photo taken.

As he posed for a few shots, he explained that creating medieval costumes for these types of events were something that he and his friends really enjoyed doing. The costumes were well done! The group could have easily been extras from the tv show, Game of Thrones.

When I asked if his true name is Thor, he gave me a little smile. So, it remains a mystery. πŸ™‚

Thank you for being stranger #37 Thor. It was great fun to photograph you for the project!

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