Rolling Thunder 2018

Last weekend, I had an amazing opportunity to photograph Rolling Thunder. Rolling Thunder is an event where motorcycle riders from around the United States rally in our nation’s capital to pay respect to fallen soldiers at various memorials and to also raise awareness about the POWs (Prisoners of War) and MIAs (those Missing In Action) left behind in war.

Riders gathered at different starting points around the city to begin the demonstration ride to the National Mall. I decided to photograph the run that started in Ft. Washington.

I arrived early to capture what happens before the demonstration ride. I saw warm fellowship, laughter, and of course lots of bragging rights for cool bikes. One motorcycle rider was proud to draw my attention to his bike, a Harley Davidson that was once a police vehicle.

There was such a positive buzz of energy surrounding this event. I had a great time talking with riders and photographing stunning bikes.

I will definitely attend Rolling Thunder in the future! Maybe I’ll photograph a different starting point or even venture into the heart of the city for the major events.

Click on any picture to open the gallery.

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