100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #46

Happy New Year! I’m so excited about 2018. A new year means new opportunities for photography.

I was lucky enough to receive an opportunity today while visiting my husband’s favorite comic book store.

My husband and I cruised around the store for about 45 minutes. As my husband was checking out, in walks Patrick wearing a very cool winter hat. On a typical winter hat, there’s one pom-pom (I think this is the correct name) that sits on the top of the hat. Patrick’s hat had multiple pom-poms that started at the top of his hat and went all the way down creating a vibrant mohawk.

He was perfect for the 100 Strangers Project! Patrick was told all about the project and he was happy to join.

Patrick had a very jovial personality and smiling came easy to him. While we were talking, I learned that he’s an IT Manager, but that his real passion is collecting comic books. Patrick said he started collecting comics when he was around 12 years old and now has over 75,000 books. Wow!

Patrick, it was a pleasure to meet and talk with you today.  Thank you for joining the project and sharing your warm smile!


100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #45

Yesterday was a gorgeous, yet hot day in the city. My husband and I didn’t have major plans for the day, so it was the perfect time to visit his favorite comic shop. I also grabbed my camera in the hopes of meeting a new stranger for the project.

As my husband was walking around the shop, I decided to go outside for a few moments. It was perfect timing because I met John and his lovely girlfriend as they were leaving.

When I’m searching for a candidate for the project, I’m often looking for a unique characteristic that makes that person standout. For John, it was definitely his rocking beard! He also had a great smile to go along with it.

As I was taking the photo, John’s girlfriend was crushing on his beard! She was glad someone else told him how great it looks because he’s sometimes torn on whether or not to keep it.  My vote is to keep it John!

Thank you for being stranger #45 and it was a pleasure to meet you both!

100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #44


Meet Keith!

Keith is the sweet beau I mentioned in the last 100 Strangers post. When I invited Timeka to join the project, he jokingly insisted that he be included too. This worked out great because Keith was very comfortable in front of the camera.

Keith is lighthearted and a natural comedian. It was fun seeing him make Timeka laugh and smile the entire time (they made such a cute couple). After taking Keith’s photo,  I learned that he has been a barber for over 20 years and hopes to open his own barber school someday.

Best wishes Keith! Thank you for joining the project.

100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #43


Yesterday, I decided to visit the harbor village of Annapolis. What a cute little area! The harbor was buzzing with activity and lots of people which presented a great opportunity to meet strangers.

My husband and I were walking near the docks when I noticed Timeka. She had beautiful eyes and a great smile which made her really stand out. I told Timeka about the project and she was on board immediately.

I found Timeka to be very congenial. She had a warmth that put me at ease and I enjoyed talking to her. When I asked Timeka what brought her to the harbor, she said that her beau (whom you’ll meet in the next post for the project) surprised her with a date there. How sweet!

Thank you for your time Timeka! I enjoyed meeting you.

100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #42


Let me start by saying that it’s so refreshing to jump back into the project! I’ve forgotten how cool it is to make an instant connection with a stranger and to capture their beautiful qualities for a portrait.

I met Marcus as I was browsing around the Comic Book Store. I immediately took notice of his fantastic beard and knew I had to ask him to be apart of the project.

When he accepted the invitation, I asked if he could meet me outside of the shop when he was ready. This gave me just enough time to change my lens and to ensure I had the right camera settings.

When I begin taking shots, I notice right away how easygoing Marcus was. He said that he’s a commercial driver for a fruit and veggie company. He enjoys the job because it compliments his vegan lifestyle. Marcus is also a bit of an adrenaline junky who enjoys extreme sports.

Thank you for joining the project Marcus! It was a pleasure to meet you.

100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #41


I’m so excited because I met new people for the 100 Beautiful Strangers Project today! It holds a special meaning because it’s the beginning of the project here in the United States.

Today started off with a scenic drive to my husband’s favorite Comic Book Shop in a town half an hour away. Since I haven’t taken any photos in a while for 100 Beautiful Strangers, I grabbed my camera in the hopes of continuing the project.

The Comic Shop was buzzing with excitement because a comic writer for the Justice League of America was in town signing autographs. Relying on my spidey senses to search for new strangers, I stepped outside for a moment. I noticed Ashley right away because of her AWESOME hair!

While taking her photo, we talked a bit. I learned that she was also visiting the comic shop today and enjoys comics and drawing. As we talked a little more, I sensed that her true passion is in gaming.

It was great to meet you Ashley! Thank you for being my first stranger in the U.S.!

100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #40

Stranger #40 Lea by TGWC

Today I’m introducing the 40th stranger in my 100 Beautiful Strangers Project. Only 10 more strangers until I reach the halfway point which I’m so excited about!

I met Lea on my final walk-through at the medieval festival I’ve talked about in my last three Strangers post. What I love most about this festival is that you get a chance to purchase the goods from the time period. Lea is a merchant who sells hand made baskets which you see captured behind her.

Lea stood out for me because of her warm smile and beautiful piercings. I almost decided against asking her to be apart of the project because we were taking our leave from the event. I’m so glad that I changed my mind. One thing I’m learning in the project is not to miss the opportunity to approach a stranger who has captured your attention…it may not come around again. The invitation could very well end in “no”, but I’ve gotten far more yeses on this journey so far.

Lea was happy to join the project! As I was taking her photo, she told me that she has been a merchant at the festival for years and enjoys selling baskets for the themed event.

I’m so pleased that I could capture your beautiful smile and spirit in front of the camera. Thank you for being stranger #40 Lea!

100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #39

Stranger #39 Alex by TGWC

I met Alex as I continued my walk around the medieval festival. I loved his costume because it reminded me so much of Frodo’s from the Lord of the Rings.

Alex seemed to be a person that shies away from the spotlight and I think he was a little nervous in front of the camera.

However, after taking a few shots, I could see him slowly relax. In the end, I think he enjoyed the process and I’m so happy that he did.

Thank you for taking a chance on the project Alex and also for being Stranger #39!

100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #38

Stranger #38 Kalsten by TGWC

It’s been a while since I’ve posted photos for my project, so I’m happy to introduce you to the next stranger.

As I mentioned in my last 100 Strangers post, I attended a fun renaissance event and met a group of friends who wore medieval costumes that rivaled the characters from the Game of Thornes.

Kalsten was the next person to pose for the camera. I was impressed by the beautiful leathers and furs included in his costume. As you can see from the photo, he took great pride in displaying it!

Thank you for being apart of the project Kalsten, it was a pleasure to meet you!