Monochrome Monday: Ms. Cruella de Vil

Happy Monday!

This weekend, I had an awesome time at the DC Cosplayers event!

Jennifer did a wonderful job impersonating the villain from 101 Dalmatians, Cruella de Vil.

Isn’t the puppy adorable? 🙂

Have a wonderful week!



Monochrome Monday: The Magic of Lighting I

I’m so excited to share this photo with you! This weekend, I took a portrait photography course that focused on lighting (the key to all great images).

After the lecture, I put what I learned into action and it was so much fun.  🙂

A special thanks to the lovely Jessica Shaulis who was one of the models for the class. You can find her on instagram (@jessicashaulis.model).

Have a great Monday!

Monochrome Monday: Train Tunnels

Happy Monday!

Over the last few months, I’ve been mentally  planning a photo excursion into the city’s underground train tunnels. I finally got the opportunity this weekend and came away with a few shots that I really like.

Here’s a photo of one of  the major hubs on the metro line which has a grand tunnel.

I’ll share more photos in my upcoming post. Until than, have a wonderful week!