Weekly Photo Challenge: Clouds

Thanks to a tip from my good friend C, I’m participating in RagTag’s photo challenge this week! I chose the prompt “Clouds”.

One of my favorite photos featuring clouds is one I took recently at Moho Beach on a picture perfect day!

Moho Beach sits on the edge of St. Maarten’s International Airport and is known for its’ close overhead landings as it nears the beach.

I was lucky to capture a plane just as it was nearing the runway and it was a marvelous sight!

You can learn more about the incredible airplane landings by clicking here:



Monochrome Monday: Waterfront Reflection

Happy Monday! 🙂

100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #49

I met up with a group for a photo walk in a quaint and trendy part of town. As I was walking around, I saw Koraima. She was the perfect candidate for 100 Strangers and I didn’t miss the opportunity to ask her to join the project.

Koraima’s hairstyle and blue sunshades were the perfect combination for a fun and stylish summer look and I’m so glad that I got a chance to capture it!

Thanks for joining the project Koraima, I hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer!

100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #48

I met Ronald while I was visiting a historic harbor in a neighboring city. After all the rain we’ve had recently, today felt like one of the first days of a “real” summer.

While I was walking around, I noticed Ronald because of his defined features. I knew that he had to be the next Stranger in the project.

Ronald was so kind and patient while I snapped a few shots.

Thank you for being apart of the project Ronald! It was a pleasure to photograph you.

Beyond The Horizon

I miss the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenges so much! The challenges were my inspiration to get outdoors with my camera and be creative.

When I went back to read the final post (hoping it said they were keeping the photo challenges after all), I learned that there are  380 challenges!!

I decided that every so often, I will go back to the photo challenges to spark my creativity.

Today’s photo was inspired by the prompt Curiosity.

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: All Time Favorites

Oh no…say it isn’t so! I can’t believe that the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenges are coming to an end.

I’m incredibly sad that this is the last weekly photo challenge. The photo challenges were my inspiration for starting my blog.

I went back to look at every photo I’ve submitted for the challenge and was pleasantly surprised. I can clearly see the development  in my work as I learned different photography techniques.

I will miss the weekly challenges because it was instrumental in my growth as a photographer and for that I’m forever grateful.

For my “all time favorites”, I decided to post my very first photo for the challenge, the most popular weekly photos by year, and finally one of my personal favorite photos.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual Prospective



2013 Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns


2014 Weekly Photo Challenge: Room


2015 Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself


2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve


2017 Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting


2018 Weekly Photo Challenge: Place In the World



One of My Favorite Photos