Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

In the last few posts, I’ve shared photos from my adventure in the metro tunnels. For this week’s photo challenge, I wanted to share a photo with a different perspective of the tunnels.

What images are reflected back to you through your camera phone?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise!

As I continue my photography journey, I’m always surprised by the unlimited possibilities for discovery. From beautiful landscapes to beautiful people, I love that with a click of the camera, you can capture it all.

This weekend, I did something totally different with photography…I took my first hands-on studio course and I’m excited to share the results with you!

It was fun, but also a bit intimidating because of all the technical aspects you must remember about lighting. I must also become more familiar with posing people to create great photos.

So much to learn, but I’m up for the challenge! 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense (Hello Spring!)

It’s one of my favorite times of the year…Spring! DC is finally waking up from its’ winter slumber and beautiful cherry blooms are here to greet us.

I hope that your spring has gotten off to a wonderful start. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Against The Odds


During a visit to the FDR Memorial in Washington, D.C., I was moved when I saw a life-sized sculpture by artist George Segal. The artwork is known as “Bread Line” and it depicts a difficult time in US history, the Great Depression.

A quote from the GMU website sums it up perfectly. This artwork “records the conditions of poverty while also celebrating the persistent human spirit of survival in even the most difficult of circumstances”.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude


I’m so excited to finally get out to see different parts of the city!

Last Sunday, I made plans to get up early to check out a trendy neighborhood in a historic district. I instantly fell in love with this sleepy little village. There were cute boutiques (that I can definitely check out later) mixed in with great historical structures.

As I explored the area, I got a huge surprise…a beautiful harbor that sat on the edge of town. Very few people were around, so it was nice to feel the peace and quiet that surrounded the area.

I enjoyed this experience so much that I plan to visit other neighborhoods in the early morning!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


Happy Wednesday!

Here’s my entry for this week’s photo challenge…Graceful.

Grace can be interpreted in many different ways…a name, the fantastic leap of a ballet dancer, the mannerisms of an elegant woman, or what’s bestowed upon us by our Heavenly Father.

My interpretation is much simpler. I love the grace of a beautiful bouquet of flowers which can quickly put a smile on someone’s face or easily perk up any room.

I picked up this bouquet of flowers at my local market. There were several different varieties to choose from, but this set stood out from the rest because it matched the colors of my wedding bouquet and it brought back great memories.

What does graceful mean to you?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax


Happy Monday!

There’s nothing like soothing music and a merry heart to put your soul at ease!

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