100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #43


Yesterday, I decided to visit the harbor village of Annapolis. What a cute little area! The harbor was buzzing with activity and lots of people which presented a great opportunity to meet strangers.

My husband and I were walking near the docks when I noticed Timeka. She had beautiful eyes and a great smile which made her really stand out. I told Timeka about the project and she was on board immediately.

I found Timeka to be very congenial. She had a warmth that put me at ease and I enjoyed talking to her. When I asked Timeka what brought her to the harbor, she said that her beau (whom you’ll meet in the next post for the project) surprised her with a date there. How sweet!

Thank you for your time Timeka! I enjoyed meeting you.

100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #42


Let me start by saying that it’s so refreshing to jump back into the project! I’ve forgotten how cool it is to make an instant connection with a stranger and to capture their beautiful qualities for a portrait.

I met Marcus as I was browsing around the Comic Book Store. I immediately took notice of his fantastic beard and knew I had to ask him to be apart of the project.

When he accepted the invitation, I asked if he could meet me outside of the shop when he was ready. This gave me just enough time to change my lens and to ensure I had the right camera settings.

When I begin taking shots, I notice right away how easygoing Marcus was. He said that he’s a commercial driver for a fruit and veggie company. He enjoys the job because it compliments his vegan lifestyle. Marcus is also a bit of an adrenaline junky who enjoys extreme sports.

Thank you for joining the project Marcus! It was a pleasure to meet you.

100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #41


I’m so excited because I met new people for the 100 Beautiful Strangers Project today! It holds a special meaning because it’s the beginning of the project here in the United States.

Today started off with a scenic drive to my husband’s favorite Comic Book Shop in a town half an hour away. Since I haven’t taken any photos in a while for 100 Beautiful Strangers, I grabbed my camera in the hopes of continuing the project.

The Comic Shop was buzzing with excitement because a comic writer for the Justice League of America was in town signing autographs. Relying on my spidey senses to search for new strangers, I stepped outside for a moment. I noticed Ashley right away because of her AWESOME hair!

While taking her photo, we talked a bit. I learned that she was also visiting the comic shop today and enjoys comics and drawing. As we talked a little more, I sensed that her true passion is in gaming.

It was great to meet you Ashley! Thank you for being my first stranger in the U.S.!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude


I’m so excited to finally get out to see different parts of the city!

Last Sunday, I made plans to get up early to check out a trendy neighborhood in a historic district. I instantly fell in love with this sleepy little village. There were cute boutiques (that I can definitely check out later) mixed in with great historical structures.

As I explored the area, I got a huge surprise…a beautiful harbor that sat on the edge of town. Very few people were around, so it was nice to feel the peace and quiet that surrounded the area.

I enjoyed this experience so much that I plan to visit other neighborhoods in the early morning!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


Happy Wednesday!

Here’s my entry for this week’s photo challenge…Graceful.

Grace can be interpreted in many different ways…a name, the fantastic leap of a ballet dancer, the mannerisms of an elegant woman, or what’s bestowed upon us by our Heavenly Father.

My interpretation is much simpler. I love the grace of a beautiful bouquet of flowers which can quickly put a smile on someone’s face or easily perk up any room.

I picked up this bouquet of flowers at my local market. There were several different varieties to choose from, but this set stood out from the rest because it matched the colors of my wedding bouquet and it brought back great memories.

What does graceful mean to you?

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Monochrome Monday: Warp Speed


Happy Monday!

My Monday is happy for two reasons.

Reason #1: Today is a holiday and I have one extra day to relax before a busy week at work. Yes!!

Reason#2: I finally was able to get out with my camera . Posting pictures last year was hit and miss due to so many factors. The big move from Germany, my Mom passed away, and not knowing the area well enough to find great places to take pictures.

With 2016 behind me, I’m determined more than ever to get out with my camera. One unfortunate thing about the move last year, was that I was unable to pack up my photography buddy and bring her with me (miss you C!). I know without a doubt that if she were here, we would’ve had a great time getting out to explore the city together.

This year, I’ve joined a few local photography groups. The groups meet up at different locations and events throughout each month. I think this will be the motivation I need to get out and become acquainted with the city.

How did you do with taking pictures last year?