Monochrome Monday: From Head To Toe

Head To Toe by TGWC Chloe

During a visit to Edinburgh last fall, my husband and I discovered so many fun traditions.

As we strolled down the Royal Mile, we saw a lot of people passing by a large male statue and touching his toe. I thought it was a little odd, but found it amusing.

Later, I learned that the statue was of David Hume (a Scottish Philosopher) and that students traditionally touched his toe for good luck on exams.

I decided to touch his toe in the hopes of taking great pictures that day.

I think it worked because I really love so many pictures that I brought home from the trip.

Here’s to hoping that you have a lucky Monday!


Nifty Fifty Friday: 99 Bottles

99 Bottles By TGWC Chloe

The title of this post is a little misleading because there’s actually over 3,000 bottles of whiskey on the wall!

My husband and I went to the famous Whiskey Experience in Edinburgh. During our visit, we took a tour that included viewing the largest collection of whiskey in the world!

This expansive collection, known as the Diageo Claive Videz Whisky Collection, was once privately owned by a gentleman named Claive Vidiz who begin acquiring whiskey in 1973. Some of the bottles were very rare…including a bottle that was one of only 100 bottles ever produced.

This photo only displays a third of what we saw, there was so much more to see.

For whiskey lovers…put this on your bucket list of places to see. You won’t be disappointed!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

Ornate by TGWC Chloe

Here’s my interpretation of this week’s photo challenge “Orate”.

This photo is of the famous St. Giles church in Edinburgh, Scotland. The cathedral is fashioned beautifully in a historic gothic style. Seeing the ornate details of the entire structure firsthand was amazing!!

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Monochrome Monday: Rainy Day

Edinburgh In The Rain by TGWC Chloe-2

Here’s another photo that was captured with the iPhone in Edinburgh!

I took this photo during the photo tour and got great tips on using the “presets” in the camera app to create different effects. I used the “Noir” setting for this photo and really liked how it turned out.

Have a great Monday!