Experimenting With iPhoneography

Rain Drops by TGWC Chloe

I just came back from Scotland and I had an awesome time!

I spent most of my time in Edinburgh and learned about its’ history which was both unusual and intriguing. Having a love for history, I enjoyed seeing all the major sites (Edinburgh Castle, Old Town, The Royal Mile, etc).

Living in Europe, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to travel to places I’d dreamed about when I was younger.  How do we preserve these memories…through lots and lots of photos!

However, on my last few trips, I haven’t been keen on taking out my camera to take photos. We were still able to preserve our memories because my husband happily used his iPad to capture shots to share with our family instantly on Facebook.

For this trip however, I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to take photos. To ensure that I would use my camera, I signed up for a photography tour and it was great!

I used my Canon for the class, but the tour guide (instructor)  also gave tips on using iPhones to get great shots. Using the tips, I was amazed by the type of images that could be captured on a phone. The great thing about using a phone for photography is that it’s light, easy to take out, and people aren’t as intimidated by it. I’m excited about using my iPhone for photography in the near future!

During the tour, I took quite a few photos and will share some of them in the next few posts.

Have you tried iPhoneography? If so, do you have any tips to share?