Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction (Macro Photography)

Last October, I purchased a set of extension tubes with the intention of starting a new project…macro photography!

My first go round using the extension tubes didn’t go as planned and out of frustration, I stored the tubes away and forgot about them.

A couple of weeks ago, I took my camera out to a nearby sunflower field and it was the perfect opportunity to give the extension tubes another try.

I’m pleased to say that I’m satisfied with the results! Now that I’ve gotten the hang of working with the extension tubes, I’m looking forward to using them again in the near future.

What’s satisfying to you?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

I recently went to the National Building Museum to experience an unusual and creative exhibit known as the Hive.

The Hive is built entirely of  wound paper tubes (over 2700 of them) that are recyclable, lightweight, and renewable. The tubes vary in sizes and reaches a height of 10 feet. The paper tubes interlock to create domed chambers and a stunning visual effect.

The coolest aspect of the “Hive” is that in its’ smaller chambers, there are tubular instruments ranging from simple drum-like tubes to chimes suspended within the space demonstrating its’ unique acoustic properties. Here are just a few of the fun pictures I captured!

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100 Beautiful Strangers Project: Stranger #45

Yesterday was a gorgeous, yet hot day in the city. My husband and I didn’t have major plans for the day, so it was the perfect time to visit his favorite comic shop. I also grabbed my camera in the hopes of meeting a new stranger for the project.

As my husband was walking around the shop, I decided to go outside for a few moments. It was perfect timing because I met John and his lovely girlfriend as they were leaving.

When I’m searching for a candidate for the project, I’m often looking for a unique characteristic that makes that person standout. For John, it was definitely his rocking beard! He also had a great smile to go along with it.

As I was taking the photo, John’s girlfriend was crushing on his beard! She was glad someone else told him how great it looks because he’s sometimes torn on whether or not to keep it.  My vote is to keep it John!

Thank you for being stranger #45 and it was a pleasure to meet you both!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

In the last few posts, I’ve shared photos from my adventure in the metro tunnels. For this week’s photo challenge, I wanted to share a photo with a different perspective of the tunnels.

What images are reflected back to you through your camera phone?

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Monochrome Monday: Train Tunnels

Happy Monday!

Over the last few months, I’ve been mentally  planning a photo excursion into the city’s underground train tunnels. I finally got the opportunity this weekend and came away with a few shots that I really like.

Here’s a photo of one of  the major hubs on the metro line which has a grand tunnel.

I’ll share more photos in my upcoming post. Until than, have a wonderful week!