52 Frames: Frame #2 – Red Snowbird

I couldn’t believe my luck this morning when I looked outside! There was an amazing winter wonderland scene and this magnificent, red beauty perched on my neighbor’s fence.

It took a little patience, but I finally got a shot of the little guy!

What does your winter look like?


52 Frames: Frame #1 – Self Portrait

Happy New Year!

A new year means new opportunities for photo challenges. I recently found a wonderful community of photographers at 52frames.com!

Each week, a new assignment is given that will challenge photographers to elevate their photography skills.

The first assignment of the year…Self Portraits! I typically shy away from being in front of the camera, but I knew it would be a great learning experience.

I took a lot of selfies, but finally settled on a simple self portrait to share on the blog that I liked.

I hope that you like it too! Have a wonderful week…

A Memento of Autumn

Today we got our first real taste of winter. The temperature dropped down to the 30s and we got sleet and snow .  Although the snow didn’t stick around, it’s a true sign that the autumn season has come to an end.

I’ll miss you Autumn, but I have this lovely memento to remember you. So long and see you next year!

Monochrome Monday: Old Town Firehouse

This summer, I had an opportunity to photograph a local firehouse. Here are a few of my favorite photos to share with you!

Happy Monday! 🙂

Macro Photography: Classic Mini Car

A few months back, I purchased a classic miniature car to photograph. This weekend, I finally got around to pulling out my extension tubes and had a great time shooting this little beauty. I have a few more ideas for photographs, so this may not be the last time you see this mini classic featured on the blog.